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NEW ORLEANS It is a new business born out frustration.

'We were like, man, if we could just figure out how to make New York-style pizza down here, it would be awesome,' explained Mike Friedman.

So a couple of New Yorkers - Friedman and Greg Augarten decided that even though they knew nothing about making New York-style pizza, they were going to. And the foundation for their recently opened Bywater restaurant, Pizza Delicious, was built.

'We didn't exactly know how to make the food, but we knew what we wanted it to taste like,' said Augarten.

They spent months working on the thin-style crust they said is the key to a good New York slice.

Initially working out of a community kitchen and doing everything themselves, they opened one night a week - mostly carryout, then eventually two nights of full-service.

They started small, but when people started calling six hours in advance to order a pizza or before they got on an airplane to come to New Orleans, they knew they had something special.

'We knew that we were going to like the food, but it was definitely gratifying to see that other people were excited about what we were doing,' said Augarten.

Friedman is a Tulane University English graduate and taught high school English for a year. Augarten is a Tulane economics major.

But they both say sometimes you've just got to follow your stomach.

'I don't think I ever would have believed that I would be owning a pizza place in New Orleans, absolutely not,' said Friedman.

And because of this, these New Yorkers are now New Orleanians.

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