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NEW ORLEANS -- On the court Monday night was a basketball matchup between Tulane and neighboring Loyola, but all the talk centered on the Green Wave's move to the Big East.

'I think it's going to help more with recruitment too. A lot more,' said Tulane student Elaine Broussard.

With so many Tulane students originally coming from the northeast, some say the change is a natural fit.

'I think it's great, just the kind of national recognition that the Big East has, it'll bring more people to Tulane that might not necessarily been thinking of Tulane before today,' said one fan.

Although the Big East lineup of universities continues evolving, fans are intrigued by the possibilities.

'I'm all excited, I'm all in favor. In fact, I just heard about it,' said Tulane fan Steve Conroy. 'And that just tells me that maybe we'll be able to travel to more exotic spots and better spots. I'm a destination person.'

'Now that we've moving to the Big East, we have more teams to compete against,' said Tulane student Kyle Gordon. 'More teams means more competition, more competition means a harder schedule, a harder schedule means a better team overall in general.'

'Conference USA, it's not really much known, and Big East is the BCS,' Broussard said. 'We can get to a big bowl. Who knows? We might get to the BCS. We might get to the national championship.'

Fans say this decision to move to the Big East, coupled with the future on-campus football stadium, make them feel good about the future of Tulane athletics.

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