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SLIDELL, La. The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office said they arrested the mother of two young children and are seeking the father after the couple and a friend were manufacturing methamphetamine in the presence of their children.

The friend of the couple was also arrested, according to deputies.

Jessica Meyers, 30; and Tanya Brewster, 34; were arrested Christopher Meyers, 28, was being sought.

According to deputies, the sheriff's office received an anonymous tip on a narcotics hotline and began an investigation into the couple.

Deputies said detectives became concerned when during the course of their investigation they found evidence to support the tip along with the fact that the couple had two small children, one of which was not even a year old.

Detectives contacted the Department of Children and Family Services to determine if they in fact had an open investigation into the couple. The detective's suspicions were confirmed and the Department of Children and Family Services stated that they were in the process of removing the children from the home.

Detectives and case workers from Children and Family Services went to the residence on November 30 and found Jessica Meyers and a friend, Tanya Brewster at the residence.

Christopher Meyers, the husband, was not present at the home. Detectives received consent to conduct a search of the home along with the vehicle belonging to Brewster. Detectives found packages of methamphetamine along with dismantled lithium batteries inside Brewster's' vehicle. The lithium inside the batteries is a necessary component for the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Deputies also found other suspicious items including fertilizer, bottles with residue, smoking paraphernalia, two handguns and several Ziploc bags containing methamphetamine residue.

Deputies said they contacted Christopher Meyers by phone but he refused to return to the house.

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