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NEW ORLEANS -- The LA/SPCA went to the former Bethany Home in Mid-City taking away several dogs they say have been living inside the facility without clean water or regular care.

There are signs for a security company at the blighted building but the phone has been disconnected, and so far it's unclear who the dogs belong to.

The nursing home has been abandoned since Hurricane Katrina. LA/SPCA officials say they arrived at the former nursing home Saturday to find at least four large dogs, including a Mastiff and German Shepard, with no clean water, living in an area with excessive feces.

According to several neighbors, the animals recently began breaking out of a makeshift wooden fence and an incomplete chain link fence at shuttered facility.

'They ran me into my own yard,' said Tony Thomas. 'The dogs are very aggressive.'

Animal control officers put up notices Saturday, waning the dogs would be seized if the owner didn't contact the LA/SPCA within 24 hours.

Neighbors say the dogs were first placed in the building to keep it safe several years ago, but they haven't noticed handlers coming regularly anymore. There are signs posted around the building with a number for the Louisiana K-9 Security, Inc., which was disconnected.

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