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The Jefferson Parish Council voted today to revoke a contract with Three Fold Consultants, discontinue its work under three other parish contracts and deny it access to parish jobs for five more years.

The council took the action after Three Fold's former president, Rodney Williams, pleaded guilty last week to bribing a public official known to be former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin.

After it became clear that Williams would plead guilty in the case, Jefferson Parish President John Young sent a letter to the council urging it to cut ties with Three Fold.

Williams left the company he founded after he began negotiating a plea deal with the feds in the fall, but he signed all of the agreements with the parish and all subcontracts for parish work.

Williams' former partners, Tarek Elnaggar and Bassam Mekari, remain as Three Fold's owners. They were not charged in the Nagin case and it's unclear how much they knew about Williams' admitted criminal dealings.

Williams also formed another company with Elnaggar and Mekari, called BRT Investment Group LLC, in March 2008. Court filings suggest that BRT is the Williams company that received bogus ownership in Nagin's granite countertop business in exchange for more than $72,000 in payoffs, even though BRT wasn't even formed yet when the first payoffs were made in January 2008.

Elnaggar and Mekari have not responded to multiple requests for comment.

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