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NEWORLEANS-- A Central City family is coping with two major blows this holiday season. They lost everything in a house fire and thursday buried their 23-year-old daughter.

'Minute I started working, they called me to tell me the house was on fire. Burning up. I'm losing everything,' said Azreane Holmers.

As firefighters worked the two-alarm fire inside her home, Holmes stopped to comfort her neighbor. A week later, community donations helped this Central City family move into a two-bedroom apartment on Danneel Street. But after losing everything to flames, Holmes is being forced to start from scratch.

'From my children's clothes from my daughter's stuff for the repast, all my TVs, dressers, ice box, washer, dryers, everything,' said Holmes

Plywood boards are being used as makeshift curtains. A few bags of clothing sit in a pile with nowhere to go. The kitchen doesn't even have a refrigerator. Pillows and blankets litter the floor, a far cry from the place this family once called home.

'I don't even have a bed for my kids to put their head on,' said Holmes.

The fire couldn't have come at a worse time. Holmes said she had to bury one of her daughters just yesterday.

'Twenty-three-years-old. Her name was Angel Gardner. She was a beautiful girl. She had cancer.'

Ladonna Porter also lived with Holmes in the fire torched shotgun on Freret Street. She would like to see their new apartment transformed.

'Freshly painted, and Reesey and I take this room. This would be the boys' room with the two little bunk beds,' said Porter.

Besides fixing up the place, Porter and Holmes are also trying, with the little that they have, to make Christmas a happy time for all five kids who live at home.

'That was my whole focus, letting the kids have a beautiful Christmas,' said Porter.

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