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COVINGTON, La. -- A man living in the Tallow Creek subdivision off Hwy. 1085 in the Covington area says his neighborhood is punishing him for being patriotic.

Patrick Hogan has followed the same routine of flying his American flag on every national holiday since he left the Navy more than four decades ago.

But when he posted the colors this past Pearl Harbor Day, a few days later, a violation letter came in the mail.

'Specifically, the American flag was not an approved addition to the CAA,' Hogan read from the letter.

The notice was from the Tallow Creek Neighborhood Association, sent by the neighborhood's new management company, and said hanging the flag over the garage is against the association's rules and had to stop, or else.

'I think it's un-American,' said Hogan, 'They can show all their Christmas decorations and leave their basketball goals at the curb, but I can't fly my flag?'

This is the first time Hogan has had the problem since moving to the neighborhood from St. Bernard Parish following Hurricane Katrina.

'I think a simple thing like flying the colors should be a natural thing in this country,' he said.

Other homeowners in the neighborhood, who also fly American flags, say they haven't received any warnings, but one, for anyone, is an outrage.

'Fly it. Let 'em prove to me that I'm doing something wrong,' said Kenneth Campo, 'They'll write up another violation because, like I said, after the 6th, I'll have an American flag in front this house.'

The management company for the neighborhood tells Eyewitness News it only pursues violations that the homeowners' association approves.

But the local homeowners' association says it was never informed about this violation and it in fact violates their laws, which includes an exception for flags on national holidays.

Following the violation notice, Hogan sent a letter to the management company requesting permission to hang the flag according to association rules. The management company says it will work with the board to resolve the issue.

The board president tells Eyewitness News they will be throwing out the violation.

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