Clancy DuBos / EyewitnessNews Political Analyst &Gambit Political Editor/Columnist

Today's federal indictment of former Mayor Ray Nagin triggers mixed emotions across New Orleans. For some, it opens old wounds. For others, it stirs long-simmering anger, or even shame. And for still others, including me, it's a reason to rejoice.

I know we're not supposed to rejoice at the suffering of others. But I do not rejoice because Ray Nagin may suffer for his sins. Rather, I rejoice because, after so many years and so many disappointments at the hands of Nagin and his cronies, New Orleans and its deeply wounded people may now, finally, get some closure to one of our city's saddest chapters.

Make no mistake: Ray Nagin did a lot worse than what the feds accuse him of today. He flew to Jamaica just 82 days after Katrina to relax while thousands of his constituents struggled to get back to their flood-ravaged homes. Most of all, he ran from his responsibilities in the face of our city's greatest challenge, and he betrayed the trust of his people who, in their darkest hour, put all their trust in him.

So now, now that he's being called to account, I rejoice in the hope that the reckoning Ray Nagin faces may finally allow New Orleans finally heal. Now, finally, we have a chance to close the book on Katrina and the worst of its aftermath.

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