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NEWORLEANS - In response to the presidential call to service in honor of Martin Luther King Day, the St. Bernard Project held a 24-hour home build.

Since Hurricane Katrina, the St. Bernard Project has repaired 475 houses.

On Monday morning, the group was working on a house located at 4430 Wellington Dr. in New Orleans.

'This home is an affordably built, affordable house that we are going to be selling to people between 50 and 80 percent of the AMI,' said Adrian K. Cohn of the St. Bernard Project. The home is for a first-time homeowner.

Volunteers from New York and New Jersey helped helped the Project rebuild on Monday.

An affiliate group in Joplin was helping rebuild after tornadoes and another team was in New York and Long Island to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

'There is a tremendous need in New Orleans for volunteers and funding,' Cohn said. 'We have 135 clients on our waiting list, and these are good people. They're people that cook the food. They're people that drive our kids to school.'

Skills are not needed to volunteer.

The build began at 5 p.m. on Sunday

On Monday, Project co-founder, Liz McCartney, was in Washington D.C., where she was honored at the inauguration.

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