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NEWORLEANS- Tens of thousands of people are expected to fly through metro area airports the weekend of the Super Bowl and the airlines are bracing for it. It'll cost fans a pretty penny to make the journey.

On Monday, February 4, Louis Armstrong International is expected to carry quadruple its normal number of passengers out of the city of New Orleans.

It's a colossal undertaking that's spilling over to neighboring airports.

'We do anticipate an increase in traffic here at Gulfport/Biloxi international airport on the commercial side and on the general aviation side,' said Executive Director of the Gulfport Airport, Clay Williams.

According to Armstrong International, some airlines are already adding direct flights to and from Baltimore and San Francisco and more capacity is expected by the end of the week.

The airport is planning for 42,000 seats. Right now, they're at nearly 30,000. They're also planning for private jets and charters in New Orleans and beyond.

'They're expecting a hundred or so aircraft on the general aviation side as spillover from New Orleans flying into this airport,' Williams said.

As of Tuesday morning, from San Francisco to New Orleans, a ticket cost more than $1,800, to Baton Rouge $760 and to Gulfport more than $1,100.

From Baltimore, a flight to New Orleans was running $830, to Baton Rouge $1,100 nd Gulfport nearly a thousand dollars.

They're prices that are pricey on a normal day but experts said they're expected for super travel volume for the Super Bowl.

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