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NEWORLEANS - Carnival 2013 was officially in the books at midnight on Wednesday, and city leaders called it a success.

French Quarter cleanup was still in progress at 5:30 a.m. Wednesday, as crews pressure washed and covered the area in a familiar lemony-scent.

The celebration ended in traditional fashion with Mayor Mitch Landrieu, New Orleans Police Department Supt. Ronal Serpas, Louisiana State Police Col. Mike Edmonson and a number of officers traveling down Bourbon Street on horseback and foot signaling to the crowds that Mardi Gras was over.

Officials said they were pleased with the city for making it through three weeks, which included Carnival and the Super Bowl, with few blemishes.

Edmonson said it was possible due to the cooperation between the law enforcement agencies.

'You got to think about two of the greatest shows on Earth we just had over the last couple of weeks. And, I don't think there is a better job that could be done. My counterparts across the country, the conversations I've had with them, there's not a better partnership than the Louisiana State Police and the New Orleans Police Department. I think the chief is right, when you look around the surrounding parishes, whether it's Sheriff Greco, Sheriff Pohlmann, Sheriff Gusman, Newell Normand and Chief Serpas - when you combat crime in a proactiove effort like they do, it makes a difference,' Edmonson said.

Many officers worked 12 hour days with few days off for several weeks. Landrieu told citizens they should thank an officer if they run into one.

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