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NEW ORLEANS -- A state judge has thrown out the results of the November election that extended the tolls on the Crescent City Connection for another 20 years.

The judge suspended the tolls pending the results of a new election on the CCC tolls on May 4. Drivers are already being waved through at the toll booths.

A two-day hearing in Baton Rouge resulted in a stunning victory for founder Mike Teachworth.

He filed suit contesting the Nov. 6 referendum that extended the tolls on the Crescent City Connection for another 20 years.

Voters passed the referendum by a narrow 36 vote margin, but Teachworth argued that approximately 100 voters in Jefferson Parish were denied the right to vote on the CCC toll issue.

Some of them testified in court that even though they were registered and active voters, polling commissioners in their precinct could not verify their registration.

They were then handed a provisional paper ballot that only allowed them to vote in the federal elections.

Judge William Morvant ruled that since it is unknown how they would have voted if given a chance, the result of the election was hard to determine.

He then suspended the tolls and ordered a new election on May 4.

'It's been a long battle and we had hoped that the judge would see our side and he would see that a lot of people did not get to vote when they should have, and therefore the people had not spoken, and it turns out he ended up agreeing with our position,' Teachworth said.

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