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NEWORLEANS-- In response to rumors on social media that Russian mobsters were responsible for the kidnapping of a school teacher in Lakeview and other women in the area, police released a statement debunking the rumor.

'We cannot substantiate this rumor,' said Officer Frank Robertson, an spokesman for the NOPD, 'there are no prudent facts or evidence to support this claim. We are in in touch with other local law enforcement agencies and the federal authorities to make them aware of this hoax.'

New Orleans police, Lakeview residents and colleagues have been looking for Terrilyn Monette, a Harvey school teacher who was last seen Saturday morning outside the Lakeview bar, Parlay's.

Wednesday morning the following rumor began circulating on social media sites, speculating that the Russian mafia had moved into New Orleans was responsible for Monette's disappearance:

Hey y'all just got this forwarded to me. Just pass along to be safe. My uncle is a Sergeant for NOPD. He just called me to tell me that I need to be extra careful because right before the Superbowl, a Russian MOB moved into New Orleans. They're targeting young, attractive females. They will follow you, hit your car with theirs to make you get out of the car. they sit outside of clubs, hotels, lounges and parking lots waiting for women to come out where they kidnap them, dope them up and bring them out of the state and use them for trafficking. He said that they not only do this at night, but also in broad day light. NOPD believes that the Russian MOB has the missing school teacher, Terrilynn Monnette so please please please BE CAREFUL!!!

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