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NEW ORLEANS -- The City Council passed a domicile ordinance as amended, requiring all city workers hired after Jan. 1 to live in Orleans Parish.

The domicile ordinance, as amended, stipulates that those city employees living outside of New Orleans who were hired prior to Jan. 1 are grandfathered in and can remain at their current address.

City employees who live outside of Orleans Parish and were hired afterJan. 1, however, have a 180-day grace period to move to New Orleans.

Raymond Burkahart, spokesman for the Fraternal Order of Police opposed the ordinance, saying 'There's absolutely no need for this domicile ordinance. It should be repealed.'

He added that wounded New Orleans Police Department Officer John Passaro, who shot at a Dollar General in the 9th Ward, lives in Slidell. Burkahart said Passaro was clearly committed to the city of New Orleans, regardless of his address.

Burkhart cited difficulties recruiting NOPD officers already. He said the city should be offering more incentives, as opposed to limitations.

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