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NEW ORLEANS -- Glenda is a homeowner who has lived on Milan Street for several decade, but what she saw last night shocked her.

'I heard the shot and then I heard screaming,' said Glenda, who asked that we did not show her face or give her full name.

A 36-year-old woman had just been shot after leaving a friend's house on Milan Street just steps off of Magazine Street.

Glenda described what happened next.

'I came to the front door and I cautiously opened it and I heard my neighbors yelling, 'She's been shot. She's been shot,'' Glenda said. 'So, I came down the steps and came down here.'

The victim was lying in a grassy area near her car with a bullet in her neck. Glenda went to see if she could help, as did other neighbors.

'Luckily, we have a neighbor who is a nurse across the street. She heard it and came out and she started ministering,' Glenda said.

People on Milan Street remain stunned by the shooting -- not just because it happened so close to Magazine Street, they say, but because this neighborhood doesn't usually see that kind of violence.

'Highly unusual for this to happen in this neighborhood,' said Uptown resident Gerald Larocca. 'Especially when you got the Second District two blocks down.'

Police say the victim remains in critical condition at a local hospital.

The friends she was visiting tell Eyewitness News she's talking and is expected to recover.

Some who live on Milan Street say they plan to get together to find a way to feel safe again, either through more lighting or hiring patrols for the area.

'My hands were shaking last night,' Glenda said. 'We were all so upset because we don't have this here.'

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