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NEWORLEANS-- A Marigny man is still recovering in the hospital after being beaten and hit with bottles walking home.

The New Orleans Police Department is looking for three suspects caught on surveillance video committing the brutal attack.

Police say the man was walking home alone from the French Quarter when he was suddenly ambushed by three young men in the Marigny. Security cameras in the area caught the brutal attack on Chartres Street between Marigny and Mandeville streets.

'Three unknown, young black males approached him from behind struck him with bottles in the head knocked him to the ground,' said NOPD 8th District Detective Michael Flores.

The beating according to the NOPD unfolded just before 5 a.m. Sunday morning. Police say the trio taunted their victim, even returning as he lay helpless for one last kick to the head.

'He received several fractures to his face, several lacerations to his face. Last that we were told was that he might have to have cosmetic surgery to his face,' said Flores.

'It's even more scary. The fact that they didn't take his wallet, his cell phone. They seemed to just want to cause him an injury -- which they did,' said Jamie Midgley, a Bywater resident.

Midgley and his wife, Jenny, live in the area and spend a lot of time in the Marigny. The couple say they were victims of an armed robbery in the same area just last month.

'We didn't see him. He came out and held us up at gunpoint. He took our things and when he was done he told us to turn around and run. When we went to turn around and run he fired the gun and told us we weren't fast enough apparently,' said Jenny Wiltfong.

While police try to track down the three individuals captured on-camera committing the vicious attack, community members say much more needs to be done to stop the violent crime.

'These last few months, in these neighborhoods, in these few blocks have been really bad,' said Midgley.

In this recent case, police say one of the attackers in the trio tried to approach a couple getting into a car just before beating that man. The NOPD says that couple pretended to be armed which scared away the group.

As always, if you can help crack this case call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.

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