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The French Quarter Fest offices are busy these days. The festival starts in three weeks, on April 11, and there is so much to do.

'It's so exciting. It's very exciting,' French Quarter Fest Executive Director Marci Schramm said. 'You know we're throwing such a big party for hundreds of thousands of people. It's scary, like there's a lot of adrenaline and a lot of energy but it's a thrilling experience.'

This year, there will be 60 food booths as well as 1,400 performers on 21 stages, including a brand new stage in the middle of Decatur Street.

'We just got it approved,' Schramm said. 'We haven't even announced it yet. We're putting a stage right out here in the street on N. Peters on the Bienville statue. A really big, major stage. We're moving the Cajun Zydeco Showcase there. So the whole stretch of Decatur is going to become what I'm calling the world's largest Cajun-Zydeco dance floor. '

French Quarter Festival has grown so big they need volunteers lots of volunteers to make it successful. And look at it this way you'll see the festival in a different way and probably have even more fun.

'We need over 2,000 volunteers,' Schramm said. 'It's an incredible core of the community that gives their time and talents.'

Volunteers work 4-5 hour shifts and get a special thank you.

'We feed them lunch and give them a really beautiful collectible shirt with the official poster on it,' Schramm said.

Even the artists are excited.

'It's my favorite festival in the world,' Tim Laughlin said. 'They call it the People's Fest. It's the greatest block party in the world.'

For more information about volunteering, call the French Quarter Fest office at 522-5730, or visit their website at

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