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NEW ORLEANS -- New Orleans police arrested an armed robbery and beating suspect in the French Quarter minutes after the crime, according to NOPD spokeswoman Remi Braden.

The incident happened at about 6 a.m. Easter Sunday morning.

Braden said NOPD Detective Michael Flores responded to shots of gunfire and reports of a fight between two men. Flores went to the 300 block of Bourbon Street and found a man punching someone on the ground. The man then fled at the sight of the detective.

Flores arrested the man -- 22-year-old William Busker of Perlington, Mississippi -- after a brief chase in his cruiser. He found him hiding under a car in a parking garage in the 800 block of Toulouse Street.

Braden said the detective recovered the victim's wallet and cell phone in the arrest.

Busker told police that he tried to rob the victim to prove to a drug dealer that he wasn't an undercover cop. The victim, however, told police that Busker shoved a handgun in his stomach and demanded his wallet. The victim instead got Busker in a headlock, and Busker fired the gun twice to scare him.

'In this district, we have a lot of strange occurrences and we're not surprised when we hear stories of such, because we've heard stranger. So, when he said that, he pretty much incriminated himself as our suspect,' said NOPD 8th District Sgt. Ernest Luster.

Busker faces armed robbery, second-degree battery and flight from an officer charges.

'Detective Flores did incredible work in this case. He responded to this offender in a way that did not put innocent bystanders in danger, yet he was still able to apprehend the suspect within minutes by tracking him in a safe, responsible manner,' said NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

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