Job Description:Be a Television master control operator with computer controlled automation (Sundance system). Job duties will require injesting/segmenting programs and commercials from various sources. Other duties would include Audio mixing, Video shading, Satellite recording and Tape dubbing. This position requires the ability to think quickly and to be able to react as needed. Must be available to work nights, weekends and holidays and have a willingness to work during natural disasters.

Qualifications: Prior experience working at a TV station is preferred but not required. Candidate must be a goal oriented self starter with a good working knowledge of computers. This person must be good at multitasking and have a desire to work with state of the art technology. The ability to follow instructions and be able to work with others is a prerequisite.

PLEASE SEND RESUME AND COVER LETTER TO Pam Cohn, Human Resources Director:
YOU MAY FAX TO (504) 529-6481.

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