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SLIDELL, La. -- A favorite hangout spot on the Northshore is taking a downturn.

People who live near Northshore Beach Park in the Slidell area say visitors are trashing the beach, which trashes their neighborhood.

Terry Manning says he's tired of fighting off the bags, bottles and tons of birds that cover the beach off of Carr Drive these days. Despite new rules and fines being posted at the end of last year, calling for better care of the area, Manning says it's drowning in filth because St. Tammany Parish is letting it.

He said, 'Everybody in the neighborhood is starting to get fed up, and it's just ridiculous as taxpayers out here.'

'The parish touts a strong reputation against litter, but people who live around this beach say the parish is actually violating its own rules by not providing anything for people to avoid littering with, like a trash can. So the residents did it themselves.

'I bought the garbage cans and I have to bring them over to my house and pay for them to get picked up,' said Manning, 'I feel as a public beach, they should have workers come out and clean this. It shouldn't be the residents.'

However, the parish says Northshore Beach Park, as a whole, is costly, and has much bigger issues than just the trash.

'Coming up with a dedicated revenue stream so we are able to take care of, not just the trash, we need to take care of the erosion problem and also any facilities updates or repairs that need to be made,' said parish spokesman Ronnie Simpson.

But picking up the litter here is a priority for the parish.

'Picking up litter is a short-term solution,' he said, 'We have to, which we do, send the litter abatement crew out there; when it's nice like this, sometimes once a week, other times every other week.'

The parish says it's working with the council to find the money to take care of all of the issues at the park at once, instead of a few here and there. It is considering inmate labor for the trash pick-up, in addition to the efforts currently made by the litter program.

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