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NEWORLEANS-- From a man in the Marigny who grabbed a shotgun from an assailant several days ago, to a Gentilly store clerk who shot a man during a firebombing incident in 2010 -- some would-be victims across the city have turned the tables on their attackers.

'People are kind of saying that we've been pushed too far and they're fighting back,' said Vin Chary, a self-defense instructor.

At a training center on the West Bank, Chary and other experts teach hundreds of locals a combat style known as Krav Maga.

'It's based on the body's natural instincts,' Chary said. 'So, we teach you to harness what you would naturally do in a circumstance, and use speed, leverage and momentum to overcome strength.'

Over the last few days, people have used their own methods of fighting back in three separate incidents.

Just two days after the Marigny case, a man was shot in the arm as he tried to knock a pistol out of a robber's hand on Dumaine Street in the French Quarter.

Early Wednesday morning in the 2400 block of Pine Street, a victim tackled and held one of two attackers until police arrived.

'I think maybe people are making a statement that maybe they're fed up,' said Henry Dematteo, a neighbor on Pine Street. 'But, in a sense it could kinda be a foolish act. Is it worth risking your life?'

In most cases, Vin Chary doesn't recommend it.

'If someone wants something from you -- your wallet, your keys, just give it to 'em. I mean those are material things, right? You want to get home safe to your family,' Chary said.

However, there are some instances where he feels your best bet may be to fight back.

'If they're taking it to a different level where they want you to maybe get into a vehicle or to move somewhere to another location, an abandoned building, or they wanna take, you know, your wife or your kids, then that's where we tell you, fight to the death,' Chary said.

New Orleans police arrested attackers in two of the three incidents where victims fought back over the last several days.

Three individuals in the crime on Dumaine Street are still at-large.

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