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Pounding rain and strong winds could be felt across the Metro area throughout the day, as Mother Nature's wrath unfurled itself on a Houma home on Bellaire Drive on Friday.

A neighbor's carport along with its posts were whipped up into the air by strong winds causing damage as they landed.

'The truck started shifting a little bit, it was really, really heavy rain,' said Larry Johnson who also felt the brunt of the severe weather crossing the Twin Span with his brother during their morning commute.

'The wind had to be close to 70-75 miles at that time. All the debris was flying all over the place. It was something,' said Johnson.

Eyewitness News viewer snapshots show cars navigating their way through flooded streets in Thibodaux and Schriever.

The heavy rain and high winds also caused problems along Highway 90 near Lake Catherine.

'It woke me up. The house started shaking a good bit,' said Bobby Michel who owns Crazy Al's on Highway 90. The bar isn't far from where a camp was ripped apart by strong winds and a tree was uprooted.

The National Weather Service is looking into whether or not a tornado may have hit in the area.

'I heard a lot of wind and rain beating up against the window,' said Michel.

Wind, rain, thunder, and lightning -delivering quite the spring storm punch clearing out to make way for a rainbow or two.
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