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NEWORLEANS-- Carita has lived nearly half her life inher 7th Ward home, forty years. But now she is so frightened of the collapsing house next door that she is almost in tears.

'And I'm just sick, and I just can't take it no more,' she cried. 'I would like to see this house completely down.'

Vagrants enter the house often through the wide open doors.

'I can't sit out on my porch,' Carita said, 'I'm afraid to sit out on my porch, I don't know what's coming. You're kind of a prisoner in your house? I'm like a prisoner, locked down all the time.'

But the structure is so rotten that when part of it fell onto her fence two weeks ago, she realized a more serious collapse could occur.

'It can come down at any time, and my mom, she is right next door to this house, we are close to this house,' said her Daughter, Shirley. 'What are you worried will happen to her if that building falls? It would kill her, it would hurt her.'

'I am so worried,' said Carita. 'I'm worried, I don't sleep, I'm afraid it will collapse on me at nighttime, and might kill me and my family here.'

Since the lower portion of the house collapsed, the upper portion is beginning to push out towards Carita's house. Now I know the City doesn't have much money, but I'm contacting the Mayor's office, and Code Enforcement, asking them to get this house demolished as quickly as possible, before more of it falls down. Yet there's another problem. Bees from this house are buzzing the neighbors.

'You're going to the mailbox, you've got to duck,so you won't be bitten by the bees,' said Shirley.

The mayor's spokesman told me a hearing is scheduled in early June, and I reminded them that demolition is urgently needed here. I'll let you know what happens.

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