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SLIDELL, La. - There is a man somewhere in the country who is battling leukemia and he might be saved by a man he has never met who lives in Slidell.

What would cause this Northshore husband and father to take time away from his family to help a stranger?

As a Coast Guard recruiter, Petty Officer Kevin Frazier is used to helping people sign up for the service.

But when his father-in-law was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, Kevin signed up to be part of the Department of Defense Bone Marrow Registry. He hoped to be a match to give his father in law a life saving bone marrow transplant.

'Unfortunately he passed away six weeks after his diagnosis and we never found out if i was a match,' Kevin said.

But, the story doesn't end there. In February, Kevin got a surprising phone that he might be able to save somebody else's life.

'This guy is only 64-years-old. That's all I know is, he's 64, he's somewhere in the U.S. My father-in-law was 59 when he passed away from pretty much the same exact disease, so when God puts things like this in your path, you don't walk away from 'em,'Kevin said.

Kevin is a perfect genetic match for this stranger. And he has three reasons to pay it forward by donating bone marrow. He and his wife Lindsay are the parents of Mickenzie, Bentley and Bheyenne.

These one-month-old triplets are a triple blessing for a couple that thought they might never have children.

'I prayed to God and we had difficulty having children and what not. I prayed to God that if he would give kids, you know just give me the opportunity to be a father, I would do whatever I could and try to repay it 10-fold. So here I am, May 14, 2013, and God's put this in my path and said here you go. So you know how do you walk away from it? You answered the call exactly. God answered the call for me, so how do I not answer it for him?' Kevin said.

Lindsay is proud of her husband who wanted to save her father's life and now wants to help a perfect stranger .

'He's a very generous man. And he would literally give the shirt off his back to anyone who needed it. He can't say no. If someone calls him up in two years and says, 'I need the match,' he'll do it again,' Lindsay said.

Kevin said being a bone marrow donor is relatively easy, like donating blood.

'All it is they take the blood out of one arm, put it back in the other. They get the stem cells, collect them in a bag and it saves somebody's life,' Kevin said.

He said the hardest part will be having to be away from his family for a week when he is called to Washington D.C. to make the donation, but he said that's a small sacrifice.

'You know I wasn't able to help my father-in-law but maybe I could help this person and he can go on and a have a healthy life and play with his grandchildren,' he said.

Kevin plans to travel to Washington later in summer 2013 to donate bone marrow.

He hopes one day to be able to meet the recipient.

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