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NEW ORLEANS -- Ernest Evans is so proud of the way he rebuilt his home after Katrina, but he's afraid of the house next door.

The roof is disintegrating, the interior is a rotted wreck, and the walls are buckling.

'Oh, it is about to fall,' Evans said. 'Any kind of wind that flinches, we are afraid. We are definitely afraid. Sometimes when I'm in the bathroom, I'm worried about the house is going to fall on me in the bathroom, so we hurry up and do the business and get out.'

'I hear creaking like it's going to fall,' said Sabrina Mitchell. 'Like heavy wind, it shakes. When the trucks pull up, and drive through here, it shakes, and the house vibrates.'

The rear garage collapsed during Hurricane Isaac. Evans keeps the grass cut, and the kids away. They just saw a snake. He's been begging the City for help.

'At least 40 times since 2007,' Evans said.

How dangerous is this structure? You can hear it creaking, and an entire wall has detached from the roof. It could fall at any time. Now the neighbors say the City did come out last week, and put a notice up here. Ironically, it was for a hearing in April.

But the neighbors say they can't wait for the bureaucracy, as this is far too dangerous. It needs to be taken down on an emergency basis.

'The rules are not working because I'm still having problems with this,' Evans said. 'I'm scared to death this house is going to fall on someone.

'Please come tear this house down.'

City leaders say a hearing was held, the verdict was guilty, and a plan of action is now being drawn up.

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