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NEW ORLEANS -- NOPD reports that a group of four teens who allegedly went on an armed-robbery spree were arrested Saturday morning.

Detectives said the victims of an armed robbery on the 1500 block of Pauger Street had their iPhones stolen just before 4 a.m. The descriptions of the robbers matched those described by other armed robbery victims earlier in the night, Detectives Willie Jenkins and Steve Nolan said.

Detectives said they later located the Pauger Street robbery suspects near the Chef Menteur Highway during an interview with the victims.

Officers said they apprehended three of the suspects upon arrival and detained the fourth after a chase. Authorities said 17-year-old Anthony McClendon, who was in possession of the gun used, 18-year-old John Jerome and two 15-year-olds used a stolen black Toyota Tacoma that was located on Chef.

NOPD said they recovered fingerprints, a loaded .40 Caliber gun, a gun magazine with 8 additional bullets, one victim's iPhone and cash from the vehicle.

'It's so impressive to hear about the outstanding work being done by NOPD officers while most of New Orleans is asleep,' said Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

The four teens are booked for the Pauger Street armed robbery, and authorities said an investigation will reveal whether they will be charged for robberies on the 700 block of Marigny, the 3000 block of Chartres Street, a third incident on Dauphine Street near Clouet, and several other recent incidents in other parts of New Orleans.

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