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NEWORLEANS-- In last week's Action Report, Keisha described applying online for a job as a nanny, only to suddenly have a check delivered to her door.

She was told to deposit it, keep her salary and send back the rest, over $1000. She quickly got suspicious.

'The check should be arriving today, and put it in there ASAP,' Keisha explained in the first report. 'And when she said ASAP, that had me suspicious.'

She did nothing, which is good because the check was fake, and by the time the bank discovered that, Keisha's money would have been stolen by the con artists.

It's called the Nanny Scam.

'You send your good money to the con artist, you wire it, and it shows up NSF, you have no job, and you have no money,' said Cynthia Albert of the Better Business Bureau.

Keisha said they could have stolen her whole life savings.

Just after that first Action Report, I received a stunning email, from a lady applying for a different type of job. They sent her a check, told her to deposit it, keep her salary and send back the difference. But in the meantime, she saw that Action Report, and realized she would have lost $2000.

'It's different ploys that they use,' Albert said. 'This happens to be a job, one might be a sweepstakes that you need to pay taxes on. But they're coming at you every which way nowadays, so you have to be on your guard.'

Bottom line, if somebody sends you a check, and asks you to return some money to them, throw it away. Otherwise, you could be a loser.

'I heard from a gentleman a couple of weeks ago. he gave his Social Security number,' said Albert. 'He lost $1000. I heard from a daughter of an elderly woman that lost $5000.'

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