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NEW ORLEANS -- Police say they still don't have any leads in a fatal hit-and-run accident that took the life of a Mandeville man Friday morning in the Marigny.

'He really had a genuine heart and it just won't be the same without him,' said Melissa LaPlante as she wiped the tears away as she talked about her brother Andy LaPlante.

The 24-year-old was out in the Marigny Thursday night for a bachelor party when he got separated from the group.

'I know he told his friend on the phone that he was going to try and catch a cab and that's the last his friends heard from him,' said LaPlante.

Just fifteen minutes after he got off the phone, LaPlante was crossing the street near the intersection of St. Claude Avenue and Music Street, when someone hit and killed him then drove off.

'I don't know how someone could hit a person and drive off and leave them in the street by themselves and not call for help or stop for help.'

LaPlante was suppose to be in his best friend's wedding the very next day, but he never made it. Instead his friends and family are planning a funeral.

'His friends came over today to help get the music together for the funeral because he loved his music and he just touched so many people's lives, he really did.'

His family says he had plans to go back to school to learn the craft of producing music, but those dreams were cut short and now his family wants answers.

'I want somebody to be held responsible for this,' said his sister Melissa. 'No matter what, accident or no accident, you stop and you help that person.'

A person that was somebody's uncle, brother and son. Now his family has this message for the person who took him away,'Do the right thing, come forward.'

Investigators have no witnesses and no leads, which is why the family is now offering a $1,000 reward of their own in addition to the $2,500 Crimestoppers reward.

Police say the car likely has severe front-end damage and are asking that anyone with information call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.

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