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NEW ORLEANS -- Be careful if you need to drive through the intersection of Upperline and Coliseum streets, because it has been torn up for months since an Orleans Parish Sewerage & Water Board underground repair project was left unfinished.

Now there's a real car shaker of a ledge that rattles vehicles and drivers.

'Everybody in the neighborhood now knows it's there, but if you are not aware of it, it goes through, and you hear this kerplunk, kerplunk, kerplunk, and people are -- you hear them saying bad words,' said neighbor Kay Fausset.

Rainwater fills the hole, hiding its depth.

'I saw the camera, and I said maybe somebody, you can get their attention,' pleaded neighbor Charles Pryor. 'The neighbors have, they patch the thing. We've been here 30 years, and that thing has been a problem at least 10.'

'This is the worst it's ever been, and at Mardi Gras, they came out and poured sand into it, and said they were going to come back and resurface the street, but we haven't seen them again,' added Kay.

Now it appears vehicles trying to avoid the big hole have dug a new one at the side of the road, cracking a subsurface pipe and flooding the neighboring property.

'That'll probably just get worse as time goes on,' said Kay.

I first emailed the water board about this situation a week and a half ago, before it filled with water. Frankly, I'm amazed that if they came out here and took a look at this, they didn't fill it right away. So I sent another email, asked them to take care of this situation as soon as they can, because now they have not one, but two problems that they have to fix.

'Oh, I try not to come down this street, even in a truck, and never with a car,' said Charles.

I'll let you know what happens.

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