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NEW ORLEANS -- Self-proclaimed 'guerrilla journalist' James O'Keefe was removed from the Tulane campus last week after he went to former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten's Metairie home and tried to talk to Letten's wife, then on to the university's Uptown campus to confront Letten directly.

Letten is a dean at the school, and a Tulane police report shows he got into a verbal altercation with O'Keefe last Wednesday. That was after O'Keefe and five others went to Letten's home and tried to talk to his wife on camera, sources tell Eyewitness News.

O'Keefe became a national sensation among conservatives when he posed as a pimp and secretly filmed himself seeking help from the liberal, New Orleans-based community group ACORN.

The selectively edited videos made it look like ACORN employees in various cities were advising O'Keefe and his partner on how to avoid taxes and engage in prostitution. It caused Congress to pull ACORN's public funding and the organization had to shut down.

He then tried another hidden-camera sting when he entered the New Orleans federal building in 2010 and visited Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu's offices posing as a part of a telephone crew.

But that one didn't turn out so well for O'Keefe. He ended up pleading guilty to entering federal property under false pretenses and was sentenced to probation.

Letten recused himself from the case, and it was prosecuted by a different U.S. Attorney's Office, but O'Keefe still blamed Letten for prosecuting him.

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