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For now customers are sharing the Mid-City Market with constructions crews, but one-by-one the stores are opening their doors just like Panera Bread did Monday.

That's just the beginning of a project bringning new dining options and job opportunities to this stretch of Carrollton Avenue between Bienville and St. Louis streets.

Pizza Hut and Office Depot opened earlier this month, but there are still plenty of coming soon signs.

The Asian restaurant Pei Wei, Five Guys burgers, and Pinkberry are other tasty options headed to the site.Jefferson Feed and Winn-Dixie are also opening stores there.

The Mid-City Business association says there were some opponents since a few of the resturants are chains, but overall people are excited to see new life in the area.

'I think it's a great development. We had some blight there. We have a lot of new stores that will bring people to the area and really drive people to the businesses in the area also,' explained Eric Vanhoven, executive vice president of Mid-City Business Association.

'We are very proud to be in the community and myself growing up in the area.Then after (Hurricane) now... we are just very happy,' added Glen Jeansome, general manager of Panera Bread.

And someone who lives in the area said, 'It's just good to see economic development in New Orleans. This is an area that's been neglected and it's really a renaissance so to speak. That's very encouraging.'

The Mid-City Business Association says a grand opening for the market will take place at the end of the month.
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