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MATHEWS, La. Lafourche Parish officials seized 103 dogs from a 60-year-old dog breeder Wednesday who was found guilty of cruelty to animals in May.

Brittany breeder Warren 'Chris' Michot was ordered by a judge to reduce the number of dogs at his house on Little Choupic Road or risk seizure of the animals in mid-June, Lafourche Parish Deputy Brennan Matherne said.

Judge Larose ordered for all but 10 dogs to be seized Wednesday morning and had deputies place the dogs into kennels to be sent to The National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network.

The dogs were bathed, vaccinated and given a triage medical evaluation by Parish Veterinarian Lionel de la Houssaye, and additional veterinarians from Louisiana State University will arrive later this week to conduct more thorough evaluations.

Authorities said the dogs will be transported to various national facilities and sent to foster homes after they return to full health before they are eventually offered for adoption.

'This was a complicated and tedious process,' said Sheriff Craig Webre. 'But in the end, our goal was to ensure these animals would receive the necessary care and avoid any further suffering or possible euthanasia.'

Many veterinarian pharmaceutical companies, pet supply stores and animal welfare foundations assisted in paying costs for this rescue effort due to the collaboration from Thibodaux officials and several national Brittany rescue organizations, Matherne said.

Below is a list of the organizations that helped:

Brittany Rescue in Texas
Brittany Rescue in Florida
American Brittany Rescue
New England Brittany Rescue
National Brittany Rescue

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