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MARRERO, La. -- A Jefferson Parish councilman is complaining about a trashy problem along the Westbank Expressway.

Chris Roberts says his office is getting calls from neighbors fed up with public garbage cans overflowing and litter under the elevated spans.

Todd Young of Marrero says he walks under the expressway almost every day.

'We walk to the store or go get something to eat, stuff like that,' said Young. 'We trip over trash, you know. It's ridiculous.'

He also says if the public trash cans were emptied more often, the litter problem may not be as bad.

'A lot of times they got these trash cans, they're overflowing, you know. There's no place to put the trash, so people just throw it on the ground.'

According to an agreement with the state, left over toll money from the Crescent City Connection bridge now pays Jefferson Parish to cut the grass and pick up litter under the expressway.

But, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is still responsible for emptying the trash cans.

'It's clear that there's a disconnect on the services that need to be done,' said Roberts. 'I'm hoping that we can get this worked out. I hope this is not a sign of what's to come in the future.'

Roberts sent an email to DOTD officials complaining about the trash. They responded by saying they would take appropriate action.

Most of the trash cans were empty on Monday.

The expressway is the main corridor in and out of the West Bank. Local leaders say the trashy conditions send a negative message to people who want live and work here.

'It makes it very difficult for us, one, to be able to maintain property values, and two, to get business owners or prospective business business owners to want to invest in the community,' said Roberts.

Jefferson Parish President John Young says the parish is doing its job under the expressway.

'We got a report from our parkways director that our portion of that responsibility is being taken care of. We'll work with the state to make sure that they continue to take care of their portion of that responsibility.'

Meanwhile, Todd Young, no relation to the parish president, hopes things will get better soon.

'A lot of trash man. A lot of trash. It's ridiculous. Hopefully, they can get something done about it.'

Councilman Chris Roberts is now asking the parish administration and the state department of transportation for clarification on who is responsible for what, when it comes to the trash under the bridge.

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