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NEWORLEANS - A bus service that helped people go between New Orleans and Baton Rouge finally hit the end of the road on Wednesday.

A push to keep LASwift operating had been underway for months.

Nearly 200 people use the service each day.

The service was created as a temporary option for people as they recovered from Hurricane Katrina.

The service was originally set to stop operating at the end of June, but the Department of Transportation and Development worked to keep it running for a month to give local entities the chance to form a plan to take over the service. In the past, it was a federally funded program.

To keep it running would require almost $750,000 per year in local funds to match a federal fund contribution.

Commuters are concerned, because they depend on the service to get to work, the doctor's office and visit family.

A recent survey showed that one-third of riders come from households without a car, which may result in problems for travelers who have gotten used to depending on the bus to fulfill some very basic needs.

Over 1,000 people had signed a petition to keep the bus service going, but officials said there is no funding to keep it going.

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