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COVINGTON, La. -- Cleanup efforts were underway at The Upton Law Firm 24 hours after a man shot 60 times into and inside the building before shooting himself. No one else was injured.

At the same time, law enforcement has been looking into Roderick Rist's life leading up to Tuesday's shooting.

There was a protective order in 2000, filed by his then-wife, which said Rist shoved, choked and stalked her. There was a simple assault complaint involving that same ex-wife in 2004, but no one was arrested.

More recently, his current wife, who did not want to speak on camera, filed for divorce last year. She said she was surprised about the attack on the Upton Law Firm Tuesday, and called his suicide 'selfish and sad,' especially for their daughter.

She said Rist was on depression medication and had been angry for some time about 'being ripped off' by a car wreck case he had recently settled, the one Tim Upton represented him in.

Records show Rist's home in Slidell had recently been seized, and he was taken from the home by deputies earlier this month on an order of protection from the Coroner's Office, requested by his mother.

That order sent him to a hospital for mental evaluation the same day Rist's mother filed a criminal damage complaint against him. In that complaint, Rist's mother told authorities she believed Rist was 'mad at the family' and that he had an unclassified mental illness.

The report adds that Rist had been hospitalized twice, at two different facilities, in the past three months for the mental condition.

Rist's mother says in the report he was becoming more violent recently to the point of threatening physical harm to himself and his family.

Family members at the mother's home Wednesday told Eyewitness News this is a tragedy and they weren't ready to speak publicly about it.

Lastly, the day before the shooting, Rist's neighbor filed a complaint with the sheriff's office over concerns about statements Rist had made.

The neighbor claimed Rist said over the weekend that 'he was waiting for something to trigger him because he had enough weapons, artillery and ammunition to last for a while.'

Deputies who visited Rist two days ago said in the complaint report that he appeared to be in a good state of mine and gave no cause to take him into protective custody.

Rist told the deputies he was fine and that he just opened up to his neighbor about personal concerns.

The report added that Rist said he 'would never do anything to harm anyone, including his kids and law enforcement.'

Police say there was no suicide note found. Rist leaves behind two young daughters.

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