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NEWORLEANS- Police are still trying to figure out who stole a truck full of flat-screen TVs over the weekend. Before police found the U-haul, people had taken off with about two hundred of them.

It began when a truck was stolen from the street in the Warehouse District near the Embassy Suites. HANO Police noticed the stolen U-haul near the intersection of Piety and Higgins streets in the Upper 9th Ward Saturday evening.

Police said Monday that Courtney Green and Marvin Howard were spotted putting one of the TVs into Green's car Saturday. Many others ran from the scene when HANO Police pulled up.

Green reportedly told police that a man in a turquoise shirt was flagging people down near the truck Saturday, telling them to come grab a TV out of the truck.

The truck was stolen overnight on Friday with the 307 TVs inside. The hotel is under renovation and a liquidation company was changing out the hotel's TVs.

The only good part of the story is the hotel had already installed the new TVs. Officials from the hotel wouldn't go on camera for an interview Monday, but they said they had put the old ones in the new Samsung boxes for transport, and the old TVs are programmed to only work with the hotel's network.

New Orleans police said they checked for fingerprints and DNA to try and find who stole the truck.

About a 100 of the TVs were still missing Monday. Green and Howard were the only ones initially arrested for possession of stolen property, but the heist was still an ongoing investigation.

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