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By Tom Planchet

1/ Seattle By any measure, that was impressive. This looks like a 70s or 80s-style juggernaut with an awesome defense, big running game and heady quarterback.

2/ Denver Two big wins. Broncs and Seahawks by far the most impressive through two games.

3/ Houston Neither they, nor the Saints, have overwhelmed their opponents, but, both are 2-0.

4/ San Francisco Yes, they got mauled, but they also beat Green Bay and have another toughie this weekend with Indianapolis.

5/ Saints Defense has been impressive. Brees final drive reminded us why he's so good.

6/ Green Bay Pack zoomed back, Washington probably not so good.

7/ Atlanta Good, solid comeback to form.

8/ New England If you think Saints and Texans have pulled two games out, Pats have been downright lucky.

9/ Chicago 2-0, and that means a lot.

10/ Kansas City Could give Denver some trouble. I can't believe I just wrote that sentence.

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