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NEWORLEANS-- Portions of Fleur de Lis Drive in West End are in such bad shape residents who've waited years for repairs are furious with the city.

'How long do we continue to roll over and take excuses why the administration can't get the job done?' was the angry response from Freddy Yoder, Vice President of theLakeview CIvic Improvement Association.

'How long do we turn our backs on the fact that we are operating in an inept situation where we have to bear the burden of poor streets, acting like we're a third world country instead of a first-class operation.'

Apartment complex owner Bruce Waltzer has paid for damage to tenants' cars.

'I must have replaced ten tires, about four or five oil pans, people have decided to move out,' said Waltzer.

'We don't drive here,'addedresident Bryan Bourgeois, 'and my daughter hit this curb just this past weekend, and blew out a tire.'

The first two phases to rebuild Fleur de Lis were finished in 2011, but past 30th street, the road deteriorates quickly.

In March the city Public Works Director told residents rebuilding the last section would start in November.

But now City Hall says Phase 3 is in Design, with construction not scheduled to start until early 2015, and the new price tag: $12 million.

'I was absolutely disgusted,' exclaimed Waltzer.

'This means that we're going to have more broken axles, we're going to have more busted tires,' warned Yoder.

People who live out here don't feelthey're getting much help from City Hall, so they're turning for help to the Sewerage and Water Board to at least make temporary repairs at some locations.

'That would be helpful, but we need a lot of temporary patches, not just this one,' concluded Bourgeois.

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