Alexandra Cranford / WWL Eyewitness News Forecast Team

A weekly discussion of the tropics from the Eyewitness News Forecast Team

It's another quiet week in the tropics. A very quiet week in the tropics. The chance for tropical depressions, tropical storms or hurricanes will remain really slim through at least the weekend. In fact, below-average rain is expected in parts of the Caribbean Sea and eastern Atlantic Ocean.

The only thing that looks remotely interesting right now is some weak low pressure over the northwest Gulf of Mexico. That low pressure is connected to a front that's hanging just south of our area.

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The low pressure center will trek to the east along our coastline, bringing showers and thunderstorms to southeast Louisiana on Tuesday. We could see some heavy downpours, with about 1-2 inches of rain. It'll be a good idea to keep an umbrella nearby and check our Weathercaster app through the day.

We'll get some rain out of this system, but it won't be able to develop or strengthen much. It's surrounded by very dry air and strong upper-level winds. The system will slide east by Wednesday and leave us with drier and warmer weather through the rest of the week.

Keep checking our tropical video updates for the latest information through the week. We get a new update out to you at least once a day.

See you back here next week for your Talkin' Tropics discussion. Every week, we'll post a fresh tropics forecast for the week ahead.

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