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NEW ORLEANS -- Former President Clinton spent the morning in New Orleans at the Hilton Hotel, talking about the new health care law.

His message was to academic doctors at the national meeting of the American Neurological Association.

Local doctors from LSU Health Sciences Center and Tulane Medical School followed Mr. Clinton's talk with a panel about how medical schools and patient treatments could change.

LSU doctors hope reform will bring federal funding back up for research.

'One of the points he tried to bring out was that hopefully, by decreasing so called waste, and the way that medicine is practiced, we could take some of those dollars and actually focus them now towards basic research and clinical research. So better use of those dollars,' said Dr. Steve Nelson, dean of the LSU School of Medicine.

'For once, we heard some positive information and some uplifting information about how things could go better in the future. If we just work through some of the rough spots right now,' said Dr. John England, Chief of Neurology at LSUHSC.

Some doctors are concerned that the law will hurt innovation of new treatments.

Editor's note: Thanks to photographer Pat Garin for the photographs of Mr. Clinton.

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