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NEW ORLEANS -- Turn into the French Quarter off North Rampart Street and onto Governor Nicholls, and be prepared for a serious contest of dodge the sinkhole.

The hole is 4 by 5 feet, in the driving lane, and is up to 2 feet deep, a dangerous obstacle for vehicles.

'It makes it dangerous, because when there's a car parked legally on the other side of the street, there's no way for delivery trucks or any kind of large vehicle to get through,' pointed out area resident Chris Bryson.

They try to use a warning cone to keep cars from parking in the parking lane across the street in an effort to keep the road open.

'And it's been here for at least a couple of months,' said Bryson. 'They came out and fixed it once, and within 72 hours, the whole thing collapsed, and it was a big hole again, possibly even more dangerous than it was before.'

In front of a city drain, the concrete base of the street has broken and is falling into a sinkhole that is developing below it.

'We call City Hall,' said Bryson. 'The whole neighborhood calls City Hall, and they essentially pass the buck and say it is someone else.'

I'm contacting the mayor's office, the Orleans Parish Sewerage & Water Board, which handles broken sewer pipes underground, and the Department of Public Works, which handles broken drainage pipes, asking them all to come take a look this, figure out what's broken underground, get it fixed, get this repaired, because the neighbors all say this is expanding, and it'll become a bigger problem if it isn't fixed, and fixed quickly.

'It seems like we pay taxes to the city, and they would be the ones to fix the streets,' said Bryson. 'It's the bare minimum that we ask, streets, streetlights.'

Water board inspectors said they took another look, and confirmed it is a repair job for the Department of Public Works.

I'll let you know what happens.

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