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NEW ORLEANS -- New Orleans police report a possible break in an unsolved French Quarter shooting, courtesy of the man who caught a bullet in his shoulder.

The victim, Jeff Taylor, got a frightening site Halloween night not far from the French Market, and it had nothing to do with ghosts or goblins.

He said while walking down Decatur Street, he spotted the man who shot him during a robbery attempt, April 29. Crime cameras from a nearby business captured the chance encounter.

'You can see that they see me before I see them and once they see me, they decide to turn around and go the other way,' said Taylor, pointing to the video. 'This is me walking by him right now and I'm telling my friend, oh my God, that's the guy who shot me.'

Taylor said he glanced back to take a second look at the man and his acquaintances.

'I stopped in the middle of the street and turned around to look back at him and they yelled at me to mind my own business,' said Taylor.

Wednesday, NOPD detectives released the surveillance video. They are now calling the man in the video a person of interest.

'We do want to talk to him. However to automatically say he's the perpetrator, we have to confirm that information with other two victims involved in the case,' said NOPD Detective Sgt. Ernest Luster.

Three other men, seen walking in and out of the video, are also persons of interest.

Taylor said robbers approached him near the corner of Dumaine and Royal early in the morning during the first weekend of this year's Jazz Fest.

'As soon as I crossed Royal Street, the gentleman on the video was about 5 feet behind me. He put a gun against my head and told me I needed to give it up or he was going to kill me,' said Taylor. 'I fought back and when I did, he tried to shoot me in the head, but he ended up shooting me in the shoulder.'

Investigators say video from private crime cameras are often very helpful.

'We have over 1200 cameras throughout the French Quarter area that has been very crucial in solving a lot of our personal crime cases,' said Luster.

Taylor hopes his video will help solve the case that has been haunting him since April.

'I could tell by his voice, I could tell by his face, I could tell by his height, his weight,' he said. 'That's the guy who shot me.'

Police also want to know if the men in the video are responsible for other violent crimes in the French Quarter and Marigny.

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