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Kenner, LA When you ask Carolyn Guilmino about her time at Westminster Tower she boldly replies, 'We are treated with no respect whatsoever.'

Guilmino and other residents are upset after management made a few changes.

Residents told Eyewitness News that lounge furniture was taken from the front entrance. Another resident complained there has been an issue with the cafeteria running out of food and there no more pull cords in rooms to signal an emergency.

'I have been living here 23 years and we have always had pull cords,' Guilmino said. 'All of a sudden, it is too much work. Too many people are pulling them accidentally.'

Residents said in the last year the changes have made them change their way of life.

Barbara Mittlestadt lives in building 2 and her lobby furniture was also pulled.

'It looks desolate,' she said. 'No one is sitting there. You don't see anyone from the apartment and it was very depressing.'

Residents who felt their complaints fell on deaf ears staged a protest in front of the building in hopes some policies would change.

Joseph Stagni with Kenner City Council said, 'I thought it was shameful that men and women 60 to 90 years old had to take to the streets to get their voices heard.'

One-by-one residents held sign in front and across the street.

This raised another red flag on safety.

Stagni said the city has been in talks with the management company to reverse some of the changes and so far progress has happened.

'If these concerns are not met or resolved we will do some things at a local level,' Stagni added.

Westminster's management company responded Friday evening.

A spokesperson said they are making several changes including returning some of the furniture and fixing the cafeteria problems.

Discussions with the city and residents are on-going.

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