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NEW ORLEANS, La. -- Carnival Cruise Lines unveiled 'Sunshine' the largest and one of the youngest ships in the fleet on Sunday.

The massive 100-ton ship is among the newer ships that have undergone a number of upgrades from more rooms to modern entertainment.

John Heald, Senior Cruise Director said, 'Through the challenges the cruise industry has faced, I think this waves the flag that says cruising is still the best industry in the world.'

Overall, the ship received a $155 million makeover with hopes of having repeat business.

Sammy Conzonere is a frequent customer of Carnival and said, 'I like the look of it. It looks more classic and they have a better food selection here too.'

The celebration comes at a time when the cruise industry has faced some of its most troubling waters in decades. Earlier this year, three Carnival cruise ships experienced issues leaving thousands stranded at sea.

Ships leaving from New Orleans though, have still weathered the storm. The Port of New Orleans has seen its customer base grow. Experts say last year visitors spent $50 million in the city along with thier cruise.

Gary LaGrange, CEO of the Port of New Orleans believes it is a win-win for the company and city. 'They'll spend two nights at our hotels. The economic impact is big,' he said Sunday. 'We know this will bring seven or eight thousand jobs to Louisiana becuase of the cruise industry.'

The first voyage will be Monday as it sails to Mexico.

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