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NEW ORLEANS, La. A New Orleans dog is safe at home after getting himself stranded in the Broad Street canal Tuesday Morning.

Gregory Stone arrived home after working his overnight job and was walking his dog, Chico, before he needed to leave for school.

During their walk, something caught Chico's eye, and he snapped his leash free in order to chase it, trailing his leash behind him.

Chico ran into the water and as he was swimming his leash got stuck on something in the canal, but he was able to free himself and swim further in.

Stone, chasing after his pup, got about chest deep in the canal water and decided it may be dangerous and that he shouldn't go further. He saw a mattress nearby and thought maybe he could use it as a floatation device, but it sank into the water.

Unable to reach Chico, Stone called the LA/SPCA's Animal Control and along with the New Orleans Fire Department, animal control officers were able to use a ladder to rescue Chico from the canal and reunite him with his grateful owner.

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