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NEWORLEANS- Police are searching for suspects and surveillance video in a beating and robbery in Uptown New Orleans earlier this week.

According to the NOPD, the attack happened in the 8100 block of Jeanette Street around 2 am Tuesday. The incident left Corinne Christenson with a fractured skull and a severe injury to one of her ears.

'The top of her ear was completely severed. They had to sew it back together with 30 something stitches,' said Corey Miller, the victim's son.

Christenson owns New Orleans Paint 'N Party. Her family says she left the painting studio Monday night and went to a friend's house to watch football. Police say as she was walking home, two men approached her and beat her over the head with a blunt object. The men robbed her and then escaped the scene.

Investigators say Christenson somehow managed to run roughly five blocks to her home on S. Carrollton Avenue where she eventually ended up in her bedroom. Her son Corey says he discovered his mother around 8 am Tuesday.

'I heard her moaning in pain so I ran into her bedroom and there was blood all over the side of her head and blood all over her bed. I immediately ran and grabbed my neighbor and we carried her into the car and rushed her to the hospital,' said Miller.

Police say the suspects are African-American men, but have little information beyond that description. Christensen's mother says she believes her daughter was delirious after being beaten. A few days removed from the incident, she says some details are coming back.

'The one thing she keeps going over again is that one of them had a gun and the other one said 'kill her, kill her'; thank God that didn't happen,' said Charleen Hyde, the victim's mother.

Christensen moved to New Orleans more than seven years ago to find a way to open a business and use her talent for painting. Many of the pieces she paints and helps others paint at her studio celebrate the vibrancy and beauty of New Orleans.

The attack that has left her in the intensive care unit is a reminder of the uglier aspects of the city. New Orleans Police encourage residents and businesses near the 8100 block of Jeannette Street that may have surveillance video from Tuesday night to contact Crime Stoppers at 504-822-1111

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