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NEW ORLEANS -- There is Mass every day at noon at the Bishop Perry Center, part of a special mission in the Faubourg Marigny.

'Those who often have little connection with the church, and also those who are challenged economically, financially and educationally,' said Fr. William Maestri, the Bishop Perry Center director.

The Perry Center works to change lives and provides tutoring sessions. Annette Williams is working for her GED, decades after dropping out of school in seventh grade.

'I ain't never took time to learn nothing, I never paid attention long enough to learn,' said Annette. 'I said, well, since I had gotten myself together right, I might as well go to school and try to get a little more of my education.'

The Perry Center also provides food, and they are seeking donations.

'We need snack size foods, especially protein, like vienna sausages, tuna, but they have to be in a pop-top sort of container that is easily opened,' said Rae Jean Carroll, the Bishop Perry Center coordinator.

One of the critical needs at the Bishiop Perry Center is for clothing, which might seem surprising because this room is full of clothes.

But what's here is not what clients coming for help need.

'The room is packed with a lot of women's clothes and children's clothes, and we primarily get men,' Carroll said.

So with the freeze, they're seeking men's clothing donations.

'We need men's jeans, like size 32-36. It doesn't matter the length, they can roll them up,' Carroll said. 'Work shoes.'

'The mission of the Bishop Perry Mission Center, of Father Maestri and everyone here, is really helping the neighborhood,' said David Mutter of Doerr Furniture, whose donations have been supporting the Center.

'I've gotten clothes too since I been here, and shoes,' said Annette.

To donate, call the Bishop Perry Center at 227-3272, or visit their website.

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