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NEW ORLEANS -- Last week, former Saints player Darren Sharper was arrested in Los Angeles in connection with two separate sexual assault cases. Then, last weekend, the NOPD confirmed they are investigating another sexual assault allegation involving Sharper.

There's a lot of interest in this case because of who Darren Sharper is, and the New Orleans Police Department said late Thursday afternoon that they plan to release the incident report about the New Orleans allegation Friday.

Here's what we know right now: New Orleans police say a sexual assault allegation was made involving Sharper on Sept. 24 of last year.

The Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office confirmed the NOPD sent the case to them for 'consultation,' but still have not said when they received it.

It is considered an ongoing investigation and they wouldn't comment further.

According to the NOPD's website, incident and initial police reports are typically available 20 days after the alleged crime. Four months later, we should learn more about what the allegations are.

Sharper has not been charged with anything here in Louisiana.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed last weekend that he was arrested in connection with two separate sexual assault cases in west Los Angeles.

One of those was allegedly in October and one was in January. The LAPD has also released few details about those incidents. No specific dates, no specific times and no locations.

They are also have not yet released the incident reports.

Sharper is out on a $200,000 bond.

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