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COVINGTON, La. -- The Northshore felt the winter storm a bit more than the south side of the lake and now they're dealing with the deep freeze that's following the precipitation.

The rain and wet weather has stopped for now, the winter wonderland is far from over.

'I haven't really been dealing with it too good,' Vincent Wilson said. 'My car was frozen solid. All my doors was frozen shut. I couldn't crank it at first. I had to kick the ice off my wheels. It was frozen solid.'

When travelling down Hw. 190, cars in ditches were almost commonplace from the icy roads. Sheets of ice blanketed much of the area and State Police urge everyone to avoid the roads if possible.

Dale Boudreaux says his tow truck business has been non-stop since Mother Nature turned off the heat the last 48-hours.

'It's wild out here,' Boudreaux said. 'I ain't never seen it like this before.'

Several vehicles inch along the roads as drivers try not to be the victim of a spinout.

Some say it's been a slow-go all day and the deep freeze isn't making it any better.

'Well I have had plenty of training in the military so Ive got that. But to defrost my car, it took about a half hour just to get to where it is now, to get the ice off the vehicle,' Daniel Flanagan said.

Both state and local police have been up and down roads helping cars out of ditches or calling tow trucks and are asking people to avoid driving on icy roads.

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