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NEW ORLEANS -- If you're a Manning fan -- take your pick from Archie, Peyton or Eli -- where else would you go for the Super Bowl but Manning's Bar and Restaurant in their hometown?

Several fans paid $300 for seats in front of a mega-screen at the bar on Fulton Street.

For one man, the price of admission seemed worth it when he got to talk with Archie Manning, who called in before kick-off.

The fan got to ask one question to the New Orleans Saints icon.

'All right, after Peyton wins today would you like to see him retire with two Super Bowls or continue playing?' asked the fan.

'Well it wouldn't bother me, but I think he's having too much fun, as long as he continues his health, I think he'll be playing some more' Archie Manning said over the phone.

And as they say in sports, the crowd then went wild.

But, as the pro-Bronco, pro-Manning crowd inside the bar witnessed the defense of the Seattle Seahawks, it became noticeably muted. One Seahawks proudly wore her colors before entering the bar.

'I was kind of questioning why we are going here, but someone needs to represent that's why we're going in here,' said Laura Ostrom, whose husband is also a diehard Seahawks fan.

Representing didn't really matter much to Rami Kumri. He just wanted to party.

He and many New Orleanians crowded the Rouses on North Carrollton before the game. Beer, party platters and more beer were on the shopping list.

'To be honest, I'm not really into the Super Bowl, I just like to drink,' said Kumri.

It's this time of year when you hear facts such as Super Bowl is the second biggest day of food consumption behind Thanksgiving.

For all intents and purposes, Super Bowl Sunday has evolved to be an unofficial holiday, with many arguing that football is the emerging as the unofficial national past time.

It all adds up though, a big day for local businesses, even if wasn't a big day for a local hometown hero like Peyton Manning.

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